About Us

I have owned and shown dogs most of my life, I first started showing in the late 1960's. At a young tender age of 15 years. I showed  Welsh  Corgi's (Cardigan), then I got an OES of my own and loved the breed. Also loved Bearded Collies. I bred and showed both breeds till the late eight's with great sucsess.

I also had Rottweilers which I showed under the Beadale prefix .

In the early seventies I was asked by a friend of mine if I could show her Schipperkes for her, well I fell in love with the breed .When my friend could not keep her dogs any more she asked if I would take over where she Left off. Well I was overwhelmed and pleased, getting older and having trouble running with the larger breeds and these dog got on with just about any other breeds. They are such a joy to have, they are not just a dog they are a friend and a companion as well. You can take them anywhere with you as long as they are with you they are happy.

I have bred many BEST IN SHOW WINNERS over the years also the first MBIS & MBISS Supreme Champion BEADALE LITTLE CAPTAIN. And the first Grand Champion Cream Schipperke in the world Grand Ch BEADALE TIA MARRIA. And many others 6 Supreme Champions as well as many more Grand Champions .

I am also All Breeds Championship Judge and world renowned for my Schipperkes.